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  • Amanda Langkop

    Owner, DivaDance DC

    Hometown: Dallas, TX

    Day Job: RN

    Favorite Diva: Beyonce

    Favorite Music Video: Yonce

    Girl Crush: Beyonce, duh!

    Fave Beauty Product: chapstick and mascara

    My Hashtag Is: #slayingismycardio

    Personal Mantra: #domoreofwhatyoulove

  • Lydia Pappas

    You Can Call Me...: Lydia, Lyd, Lyds!

    Hometown: Atlanta, GA

    Day Job: Marketing Programs Associate

    Favorite Diva: Rihanna

    Favorite Music Video: Sorry by Justin Bieber

    Favorite Emoji: salsa lady or smiling poop :)

    Favorite Food: TACOS!

    Girl Crush: Beyonce duh.

    Dancefloor Jam: Anything with a solid downbeat.

    My Hashtag Is: #YASQUEEN

    Personal Mantra: Everything happens for a reason!

  • Bianca Pete

    You Can Call Me...:


    Day Job:

    Favorite Diva:

    Favorite Music Video:

    Favorite Emoji:

    Favorite Food or Cocktail:

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In:

    Girl Crush:

    Dancefloor Jam:

    Fave Beauty Product:

    My Hashtag Is:

    A Secret...:

    Personal Mantra:

  • Julia Cole

    Bio coming soon