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SHOWGIRLS Performance Squad -Winter 2020

$329Purchase required to enroll

Your Performance Squad enrollment includes:

  • 10, 90 minute rehearsals
  • Practice videos from the Instructor (with counts) at the end of each rehearsal
  • Concept video shoot of 1 routine (yours to share on your social media!) Like this one!
  • 1 full-length recital video (tripod style, nothin’ fancy!)
  • 1 DivaDance t-shirt to wear at rehearsal (or brunch, whatever)
  • Participation in our Mid-Year and End-of-Year Recital at no extra cost to you (note a nominal ticket fee will apply to your guests)
  • 3 Class Pass (valid during the season only) $66 value


Performance Squad members will be required to make a one-time purchase of an all black base costume piece of your choosing, with optional add-on accessories. Costuming for each recital and video shoot will be set by the instructor and will be easily assembled by each dancer for a nominal cost (for example, flannel waist ties). We want all dancers to feel body confident and like your costumes aren’t breaking the bank! You will also be asked to wear heels/heeled boots for one number. If you do not own these and cannot borrow them, you will be required to purchase them from the retailer of your choice.

Squad Directors:

Melanie Mavins & Ruby Miles

Weekly Rehearsal Location:

Dance Loft on 14

Video Shoot Date: Saturday 3/28

Recital Date: Weekend of 6/27

Rehearsal Dates:


Performance Squad Policies

  • Practice videos will be made available after each rehearsal in the SHOWGIRLS Facebook group. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to be prepared for the next rehearsal. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with the routines however we will not offer formal makeup sessions if you are absent.

  • Members must be in attendance for the majority of the rehearsals for each routine taught. Please notify the Instructor in advance if you are going to be absent for any reason.

  • Rehearsals will start promptly on time and participants agree to make best efforts to arrive on time as well. If you are going to be late for any reason, please notify the Instructor.

  • Members understand that if they miss rehearsals when formations are set, they may be placed in the back or on the side so as not to create confusion for other dancers.

  • To best support our community, participants are expected to treat one another, as well Instructors and DivaDance Staff, with respect at all times during rehearsals and recitals.

Cancellation policy As space is limited, enrollment in the performance squad is non-refundable unless you cancel your spot at least 1 week prior to the first class of the session. If canceled less than one week prior, you will receive an account credit that can be applied to any DivaDance DC classes, merchandise or party services.

The cost covers all classes and rehearsals in the session - if you are unable to attend a class, there is no refund and you can catch up via videos posted to the FB group!
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